Construction on Street

September 2, 2014
The construction is right outside our front door today and I talked to one of the workers. He said that this crew is only replacing the sewer line. Another crew will be coming in to replace the water mains after they are done. Be prepared for dust for the duration.
What feedback have you gotten from the city on the zoning/UDO comments?

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2:00 – 7:00

Flint Place will be closed to car traffic.
Need help getting saw horses in place at Ashe Ave and Park Ave.
Bring something to grill and a dish to share with everyone.
Grilling will begin around 5:00.


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Street Party TOMORROW!

Pullen Park Neighborhood Street Party
Saturday, June 15

Flynt Place closed to car traffic.
$5/person for draft beer.
Bring a dish to share with everyone; grilling will start around 5.

Pullen Park residents: If you have a child in attendance, could you plan one group activity for about 15 kids? Already planned:
(1) water balloons
(2) paint balloons to pop onto canvases, and
(3) chalk drawing on the Street.

Donation bucket for street banner that will be hung across Ashe Ave when it is closed to car traffic for 5K/13.1/Marathon routes. The banner will welcome runners and walkers to Pullen Park Neighborhood.

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Street Party 2013

Pullen Park Neighborhood,
Saturday, June 15

Flynt Place closed to car traffic.
$5/person for keg.
Bring a dish to share with everyone; grilling will start around 5.

If you have a child in attendance, could you plan one group activity for about 10-15 kids? Already planned:
(1) water balloons
(2) paint balloons to pop onto canvases.

Friends welcome to join the fun!

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School District Town Hall meeting – Today

Great opportunity to interact with our school district rep if you’ve got issues. 6:30 pm today at Athens Drive High School.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Lynn Edmonds <>
To: ‘Paul Shannon’ <>
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 3:51 PM
Subject: Town Hall with Jim Martin



If I remember correctly, you’re in Jim’s district.  Can you please send this to your neighbors?  It’s short notice, but we need help getting the word out.





Dear Constituents and Friends of District 5, Wake County Public Schools,


Several constituents have asked for more information about facilities, budgets and Board of Education representation so they can be more informed in light of current discussions in our community.  I have decided to hold a Town Hall Meeting to provide information and listen to your questions or concerns.


The meeting will be held in the auditorium at Athens Drive High School, starting at 6:30 pm on Monday March 25.  I apologize that this announcement was not made sooner, but I feel it important to meet before traditional-school spring break.


Please feel free to share this announcement with anyone who may be interested. And thank you for your interest in the Wake County Public Schools.


Jim Martin

Wake County Board of Education, District 5



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Robbery & Leaves

2 cars were robbed Wednesday night/Thursday morning on Ashe and Flynt Place. One car was on a parking pad behind the house, and the other was on the street; both cars were unlocked so no damage was done to the cars. Thanks to Ben’s quick and clever investigative work and the police responding well, he not only caught the guy trying to fence the stolen goods to a Pawn Shop, he got the stolen items back! YAY! Let’s not make PPN an easy target for crooks – please lock your cars day and night!
Also, the city leaf pick-up for our neighborhood is scheduled the first business day after December 31. So I would read this as Jan 2, unless the city takes this date as a holiday, then Jan 3. The sooner we get PPN’s leaves picked up, the less that blow around and make raking/blowing/collecting a job for everyone. Thanks!

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Wake County School Board

Last post today – I promise! I am going to spearhead the Cameron Park Education Committee with full disclosure that I am in Jim Martin’s district, while CP is in Christine Kushner’s district. What this means is that I will attend School Board and committee meetings (with subs for me as needed) to understand the decisions that affect our neighborhoods. Obviously, I have a personal interest, but I also want facts to drive family’s decisions on school choice and assignment. So let me know if you want me to post my summaries on this web site, or if you are on the CP listserve or attend their meetings and don’t need duplicate reports.

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YMCA discussion

Tim and I met with Jon Mills on Friday, 12/7/12 to get an understanding of the Y’s future plans. The houses that they own currently will go before the YMCA Triangle’s Board in 1st Q 2013 to determine if the project will go before their Master Planning Committee in 1st Q 2013. Jon anticipates that it will go to the Master Planning Committee but is determined on Y’s priorities in the Triangle. From that point, a needs assessment is done to determine what would best serve the Triangle’s needs and the Alexander area’s needs. From that, it is determined what financing is needed, including the possiblity of a capital campaign. Jon wants to include the neighborhood on how the look and feel of whatever they do(held his cards tightly on this point) has a neighborly feel. For example, I specifically mentioned that I am personally not interested in looking at a chain link fence around the entire property.
So with the holiday season upon us, I feel that we need no action now. But come January, we need to get together a couple of times to discuss the ideas of what the neighborhood wants, prioritize items, how to present, etc. If anyone feels differently about a course of action, please speak up. But in the meantime, love on your family and enjoy the season!

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Stop signs at Ashe & Flynt and Park & Flynt

All: The Fletchers and Lietzes are seeking stop signs at Ashe & Flynt and Park & Flynt and will go before city council on Dec 18 to make such a request. City Council can override what the traffic department has denied at these intersections. The objective is to make the neighborhood safer for pedestrians and we’ve been advised by government officials to not use the language of stop signs for traffic calming. FMW and the YMCA are writing letters of support and if you want to see those letters when completed, let me know and I can email them to you. We may want the Brittles to write a support letter, too, since they live on Flynt. Thoughts?

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Last parcel sold to YMCA

I spoke to Sam Olin Wed night.  He confirmed that he is selling his house at 213 Cox Ave to the YMCA.  Closing date is Nov 30.  According to the Wake Co Real Estate deeds website,  the YMCA now owns the complete block of Cox ave and Park ave south of Flint St.

We are at a crucial juncture for our neighborhood. We need to let the YMCA know that we intend to be a stakeholder in how they develop this block in the center of our neighborhood.

Reply to this post, send an email to, or call me at 919-649-7587 if you are interested in helping.

Paul Shannon

212 Cox Ave.

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